What is going on in Democratic town hall meetings?

The news is filled with the protests and disruptions occurring in the town hall meetings held by Republican representatives.  But what is happening in the Democrats’ town hall meetings?  Are they calm and civil or are they equally disruptive?  Why isn’t mainstream media talking about the meetings held by Democrats?  Is this more media bias?

Common sense suggests that constituents in Congressional districts held by Democrats are as equally upset as constituents in other districts.  This nation has common problems to solve and emotions are running high, regardless of party affiliation.

Why is there no news coverage to compare the level of civility or volatility between the town hall meetings sponsored by Republicans and Democrats?  I believe the answer is two-fold.  If meetings held by Democrats are more civil, then the main stream new media does not want to portray the opposing Republicans as having more civility to debate the solutions.  If they are equally disruptive, then the main stream media does not want to show the bipartisan nature of the significant problems this nation faces today.

It seems this is another example of media bias doing everything it can to discredit reasoned Republican solutions and to incite more purely emotional resistance from Democrats.

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