Media Bias Update

The New York Times, through a different journalist, apparently changed its mind since yesterday.  The withdrawal of the healthcare bill is now just a “setback” and not a “failure” as suggested yesterday.  However, they now claim Conservatives are “scaling back ambitions.”  I seriously doubt that is true.  It’s the paper’s opinion and belongs on the opinion or editorial page.

Here is that headline, subtitle, and first sentence from today’s New York Times.  “Dealt a Setback, Republicans Aim to Push Tax Cuts.”  I cannot object to this truthful headline.  The bias lies in the subtitle and first sentence.  Subtitle, “Ambitions Scaled Back,” followed by the first sentence, “Picking themselves up after a bruising collapse of their health care plan, President Trump and Republicans in Congress start this week on a legislative obstacle course that will be even more arduous: the first overhaul of the tax code in three decades.”

It’s adjective and phrases they select that portray the bias – like “bruising”, “picking themselves up”, “obstacle course.”  I would not describe the Republican tax plan as an “arduous overhaul.” Reagan’s tax reform was an overhaul.  I thought there was bi-partisan consensus that corporate tax rates need to be cut because the rate is the highest in the world and driving business out of the country.  The main drive of the Republican plan is to cut taxes on businesses regardless of their organizational structure – whether self-employed, a partnership, limited liability company, or corporation.  I cannot visualize how or why such a process would be difficult given this consensus.

To close this post, here is the first sentence of yet another biased article on the front page.  “President Trump, looking for a flicker of hope after his Republican majority fell to pieces last week . . .”  The newspaper seems motivated to get all people to form the same opinion.

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