Regroup and get healthcare right! (Part 2)

Congress basically has a healthcare decision to make in four areas: Social welfare programs. Is government funding to be increased or decreased for Medicare (for the poor) or other “free” healthcare programs? Federal regulation of commerce.  Is the government going to continue to mandate coverage and benefits or make coverage optional and plan design discretionary? […]

Regroup and get healthcare right!

Government rules should require simplified, binding, and tranparent pricing for care (“per-procedure”) to stimulate price competition.  If Republicans don’t get it right, the socialist solutions to healthcare (from Bernie Sanders and others) will only rise in prominence.  Congress must recognize that price competition is absent in healthcare.  Free-market reforms to reduce prices of care must […]

Concentrate more on cutting the size of the healthcare pie and less on how to slice it.

Congressional healthcare solutions are misguided. For purposes of illustration, let’s assume that healthcare spending is a 12-inch pie.  Congressional solutions must make the pie smaller by stimulating reductions in the prices of healthcare services.  How you slice up costs (among the payers of care) doesn’t work, you still have a 12-inch pie.  Congress needs to […]