What is going on in Democratic town hall meetings?

The news is filled with the protests and disruptions occurring in the town hall meetings held by Republican representatives.  But what is happening in the Democrats’ town hall meetings?  Are they calm and civil or are they equally disruptive?  Why isn’t mainstream media talking about the meetings held by Democrats?  Is this more media bias? […]

Hillary’s Electoral Defeat

Yes, Hillary won the popular vote.  But like others before her, she lost the election based on the Electoral System.  It is important for our citizens to remember that our federal government was designed to serve two groups of constituents – the People and the State legislatures.  A legislative voice is granted equally to the […]

PARTY LEADERSHIP in Congress is impairing the public good

The Father of the Constitution, James Madison, said that the wisdom of elected representatives may best discern our true national interests.  Their patriotism and love of justice will make them less likely to sacrifice national interests to other considerations.  But, James also said the opposite may happen, men of divisive and partisan tempers could attain […]